Trust Your Gut

Knowing that there is a potential problem during the pregnancy is scary. Knowing that you are at a risk of early delivery is scarier. Finding out that your baby is coming a couple of months early and will need to spend a few weeks in the NICU is an absolute nightmare.

When I first got pregnant with my little one, my sister who has 2 kids told me…. TRUST YOUR GUT! I didn’t know how useful that advice would be in 7 months.

I had some bleeding along with back pain at 32 weeks. It was at 1 AM and pouring outside. The doctor on call told me there was nothing to worry about. I should just wait until the morning. But my husband and I knew something wasn’t right. So we headed to the hospital. At the hospital I was told I was in early labor and they were able to give me medication to stop labor. If I had waited , the doctors at the hospital may not have been able to stop my labor that day.

Similarly, at 32 weeks and 6 days I went into labor again despite getting medication to prevent it. I was told the baby was going to be born that day and that it would most certainly be a vaginal birth and it would be hours before my baby would be born. Though my doctor said I could wait for labor pains to start, I asked for the epidural line to be placed immediately but no epidural was administered. I just wanted it in case I had to go into an emergency C-section. I did not want general anesthesia. Half an hour after I got the epidural, my blood pressure dropped dangerously, resulting in my baby’s heart rate to drop, and I was rushed for an emergency C-section. My husband was able to sit with me during the operation and we were able to hear our son’s first cry. ┬áDuring my week long stay at the hospital before our baby was born, my husband and I relied on our gut instinct to make decisions. And in hindsight we would not change a thing.

So dear parents-to-be, TRUST YOUR GUT and do not forget to breathe.

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